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HARDIE GRANT The Mixers Manual

HARDIE GRANT The Mixers Manual

14,99 EUR
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The Mixers Manual vom HARDIE GRANT VERLAG
Autor: Dan Jones, Format: 16 x 16cm , Hardcover, Sprache: Englisch, 128 Seiten

Mix drinks like a pro with this indispensible collection of 150 of the world's finest cocktails, all of which can be made from the comfort of your own mixing lab: your kitchen. Dan Jones shares recipes for classic tipples such as the Margarita and Martini to the more modern Thank God it's Friday and Morning After, in a format close to all men's hearts – the manual. Starting with basic tools, Dan covers the fundamental kit required to make your moonshine – the shaker, glassware, bottle opener, spirits and mixers, manly patience and know-how. He then moves onto signature drinks, social occasions, quirky ingredients and designer ice – no element of the cocktail goes unturned. With a stylish vintage design and illustrations throughout, The Mixer's Manual is witty, informative and set to become a classic.
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